A Directory of Choral Music

John BawdenThrough his lifelong involvement with choral music as singer, conductor and writer, the compiler of this Directory, John Bawden, has accumulated an extensive knowledge of the choral repertoire. Prompted by frustration at the lack of a detailed reference book, and by frequent requests for advice about repertoire, orchestrations and programme-planning, he realised that there was a real need in the wider choral community for a comprehensive directory. The result, after several years of research, is this volume.

John sang as a tenor lay-clerk with the choir of Guildford Cathedral and then worked as a freelance singer with a number of professional London choirs. He has sung under a number of our most distinguished choral directors.

As a conductor he has directed a wide variety of choirs, ranging from large choral societies to small chamber choirs. For many years he was Musical Director of Fareham Philharmonic Choir and Associate Conductor of Godalming Choral Society. He has conducted in France, Germany and Malta, and is a frequent guest conductor in the Surrey and Hampshire area.

His carefully researched and informative choral programme notes are freely available online, and have been reproduced by several hundred choirs the world over.