A Directory of Choral Music


John Bawden has delivered Christmas early for all choral conductors who, until the publication of his Directory of Choral Music have had to scrabble around searching a variety of sources for information about publishers, general forces, orchestration and duration of music we want to perform. In his new Directory he gives a wealth of practical information about the choral output of most of the main composers we are likely to perform from existing material. His appendixes are additionally helpful, especially in being able to search for a specific size of orchestra or accompaniment, a specific Bach Cantata, or for that elusive piece of Christmas music.

We are all in his debt for this outstanding resource which, whilst costing him a huge amount of research time, will equally save all his conducting colleagues enormous time, effort and frustration in our concert planning processes. The front cover describes the book as ‘The essential reference book for Choral Directors and Librarians’. It is certainly that, and much more. Thank you, John!

Paul Spicer

A fantastic treasury of information that everyone involved in choral music will want to have. We will soon wonder how we ever managed without it

Jonathan Willcocks

No choral conductor should be without a copy of John Bawden's Directory of Choral Music, already an indispensable part of my programme-planning. To have so much accurate and clearly laid out information, quickly and readily available at one's fingertips, is absolutely invaluable. I can't imagine life without it!

Jeremy Backhouse

I'm sitting here planning the next [concert] and finding it, thanks to your brilliant Directory which is open in front of me, 125% easier than ever it was before. I had the old NFMS choral catalogue, but this in a different league. Congratulations and thank you.

Stephen Jackson

My copy of your directory was waiting for me on return from holiday. Have hardly put it down since. I can't imagine the work which has gone into this but it will benefit so many people battling to build a logical and exciting programme for their choirs.
Thank you so much.

Adrienne Carr, Thomas's Choral Society, Battersea

I am now the lucky owner of A Directory of Choral Music. It's a fantastic achievement and I hope you sell thousands of them. At the moment my nose is in it all the time. It even has Messages by Jonathan Harvey which only one choir has sung so far. That becomes two when I teach it to Netherlands Radio Choir next month. I particularly welcome its publication as I hate looking things up on the internet.
Every good wish and thank you for your dedication.

Edward Caswell

For many years the profession has been praying for a one-stop reference point that includes timings, publishers, precise orchestrations, and all the other bits of information necessary for programme planning. Those prayers have been answered : the book you want is John Bawden’s excellent Directory of Choral Music.

Jeremy Jackman

It gives me great pleasure to write and congratulate you on the publication of your Directory of Choral Music. It has been long needed. I'm sure I speak for many musicians, when I say I believe your book will be used and gratefully appreciated for many years to come.

Professor Denis McCaldin